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Endurance Learning transforms your content and expertise into engaging and effective training so you can focus on the rest of your job.

Endurance Learning is an Instructional Design Firm focused on:

elearning design and development

Elearning Design
& Development

instructor-led training design

Face-to-face Training Design

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Virtual Training Design



You need an extra set of hands to help you deliver great training

Your daily responsibilities won’t pause for you to learn the techniques and technology needed to build a great training experience. Every minute you are focused on training design and development is a minute you’re not able to do the rest of your job. 

When you have to do everything, it is nearly impossible to do everything really well, including creating an engaging training that leads to results.

The team of instructional designers and developers at Endurance Learning may not know how to do the rest of your job, but we can help you design and develop training.

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The Endurance Learning team is ready to make your next training project successful

The instructional design team at Endurance Learning understands the pressures you face and has a proven process and people devoted to guiding you through the design and development journey. We have helped customers, large and small, on topics ranging from eye surgery to frontline sales to build engaging and effective training sessions in a way that reduces the burden on the customer’s team.

Custom Elearning Design & Development

Our team of experienced elearning designers and developers will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that your elearning is a perfect fit for your training need.

Face-to-Face & Virtual Training Design

Whether the training already exists and needs to be refreshed or you’re rolling out new training sessions, our experienced instructional designers will help you create the best learning experience with facilitator materials designed to ensure success.


The Endurance Learning Train-the-Trainer session is always customized to your trainers’ needs. Your trainers will learn how to best deliver the materials as designed and will build skills based on the principles of Dialogue Education.

Endurance Learning is trusted by organizations like yours to solve training problems

Mary Margaret Callahan

Mary Margaret Callahan, Pet Partners

Working with Endurance Learning is the best kind of partnership I can hope for with a vendor. They have taken the time to understand our industry as well as our place in it and allowed that to inform the approaches we take for our adult learners. I particularly appreciate the level of creativity and problem solving they bring to course design so that our content is engaging, interactive, and impactful.

Tiffany Nesbey - Endurance Learning customer

Tiffany Nesbey, FHI360

The expertise of the EL team is simply unparalleled. From discovery to digital design to interactive virtual engagement to custom learning solutions, EL has played a critical role in ensuring a high-end, innovative, and engaging product is always delivered. And their results always exceed expectations and ask! 

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Hi, I’m Brian Washburn!

Co-founder and CEO of Endurance Learning

I’ve spent my adult life helping people improve their training programs. Endurance Learning is an instructional design firm built on an incredible team to provide a range of services to support your internal or customer training.

Brian Washburn, co-founder Endurance Learning

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