About Endurance Learning - A Learning & Development Company

Endurance Learning is a full service training development company. Since 2015, our team has grown to include professionals who can deliver the best in elearninginstructor-led training and train-the-trainer sessions.

When you work with Endurance Learning, you get a team of dedicated professionals that will do what it takes to make your organization successful.

Brian Washburn

CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Idea Guy

Brian is an author and was named one of Training magazine’s 2011 Top Young Trainers, and has been published multiple times in TD magazine. His goal in life is to eradicate the scourge of poor learning experiences in the world by ensuring that every presentation is engaging and leads to change. Read more from Brian’s 10 years of blogging and podcasting.

Tim Waxenfelter

Tim Waxenfelter

COO, Co-Founder, Chief Bottle Washer

Tim has over 20 years of experience in management, operations, product development, technology and customer success. He is only satisfied when the team at Endurance Learning is partnering with customers to solve organizational and business problems using learning solutions.

Project Leads & Instructional Designers

The projects leads at Endurance guide their customers through the design and development process ensuring that our customers can be experts in their content and their organization’s need but don’t have to be the experts in instructional design and training development.

Heather Barry

Director of Project Success

Heather has been creating amazing training experiences, including classroom, elearning and mobile. She is an accomplished public speaker, strong facilitator, and is passionate about finding creative solutions to her clients’ difficult problems.

Erin Clarke

Learning & Development Manager

Erin has over 10 years’ experience managing the organizational learning function within corporations. She loves collaborating and creating, and you will often hear her asking questions to learn the root of the problem. She is energized by creating training that inspires change and will never turn down an opportunity for coffee and conversation.

Lauren Wescott

Learning & Development Manager

Lauren spent her early career in curriculum and instruction in the K-12 setting. Lauren aims to be her customers’ best partner. She is passionate about innovative learning solutions and is motivated by coffee and witnessing light bulb moments.

Visual Design, Development and Quality Assurance

Every project at Endurance Learning faces rigorous standards of quality that impacts that way we design and develop every course. Our team of specialists ensures that every elearning module, facilitator guide, slide deck or job aid is built to the highest quality standards.

Hannah Radant

Learning & Development Associate, Elearning Development Lead

Hannah spent many years as a dedicated teacher and has transformed that passion into a passion for all learning projects. Hannah leads all development efforts at Endurance Learning, assuring that each module we build is better than the previous. From interaction design to accessibility to localizations, Hannah leads the way.

Lindsay Garcia

Learning & Development Manager, Visual Design Lead

Lindsay began her career as an elementary educator and recently transitioned into instructional design and L&D. She has a passion for incorporating strong visual design, engaging aesthetics, and user-friendly features into every Endurance Learning project.

Rachel Niles

Quality Assurance Manager

Rachel began her career in the film industry and later transitioned to educational administration. Rachel brings attention to detail, creativity and a dedication to quality to every Endurance Learning project.

Jessica Jagielski

Learning & Development Analyst

Jessica has a passion for the details that make our projects and our customers successful. When Jess is working on a project, you know that the quality is in the details.

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Brian Washburn, Author

Brian Washburn
CEO & Chief Ideas Guy

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Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn
CEO & Chief Ideas Guy

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