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reflection activities in elearning
Articulate Storyline

Collect and Reflect on Learner Responses in Elearning

My colleague, Lauren Wescott, recently highlighted one of our projects that focused on collecting learner responses in order to create a meaningful reflection activities in …

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overwhelming elearning
Articulate Storyline

Creating Learning Pathways in Elearning

Have you ever taken an elearning course and thought: Hmmmm, this may be helpful for some of my colleagues, but this really isn’t covering stuff …

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decision-making practice elearning

Solving Training Challenges: Decision-Making Practice in Elearning

When creating content for an eLearning module in Rise, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out how to train on concepts like decision-making practice …

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More Elearning

The Endurance Learning Bunch - Authors of the EL company blog

When it’s time to change…

When Brian Washburn and I started talking about building Endurance Learning together, he was already publishing his thoughts about training. The Train Like a Champion …

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resolution dates
One Word Resolution

One Word Resolution (2023 Edition)

For 10 years I’ve talked about my one word resolution for the year. As we head into the next year, here are the words each of us at Endurance Learning has chosen as a North Star as we try to be intentional about the direction we’d like to take our thoughts and actions.

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Gift boxes

Gift Recommendations for Trainers and Instructional Designers

If you know a trainer or instructional designer who made Santa’s “Nice List” this year, here are a variety of trainer’s tools that come in a range of price points that may help you find that perfect gift!

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More Learning & Development

Better PowerPoint

Creating Better PowerPoint Decks, Faster

PowerPoint can be a very powerful visual aid and important tool for training… if it’s done well. Today’s post isn’t so much about pretty images, it’s more about organizing your thoughts before you even open PowerPoint on your computer.

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airline flying through a sky with palm trees
Job Aids

3 Job Aid Design Lessons from a Beach in Hawaii

An effective job aid might be able to replace the need for actually training someone. At the very least, it can be distributed as part of a training to help people remember a rule or how to do something new. Drawing inspiration from “job aids” we see every day when we walk around can make our job designing effective job aids easier.

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Lesson Plans

Creating a train-the-trainer lesson plan in 7 minutes

In today’s blog post, I share a short video of exactly how I used Soapbox (an online tool) to create a train the trainer lesson plan in minutes.

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