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13 Scary Moments in L&D

Happy Halloween everyone! Learning and development can throw some scary things your way. I recruited the help of a few L&D professionals to come up with a list of 13 scary things you can face as a trainer.

  1. You designed your training for small round tables. They give you a room with one very long board table.
  2. Four words: Coffee spill – white shirt
  3. You forgot your Mr. Sketch markers, the office only has dry-erase!
  4. The projector blows a bulb, and the backup didn’t survive the flight.
  5. Half of your participants drank way too much at the open bar the night before training.
  6. Your co-facilitator is running 30 minutes late and has all of your materials
  7. Your urgent eLearning module started malfunctioning in the LMS and you have no idea why.
  8. The client wants high-quality video on a PowerPoint budget.
  9. The newbie breaks your most complicated Storyline interaction and doesn’t back up the original.
  10. Your co-facilitator loves to tie-in long stories about his kids and doesn’t care how behind schedule you get.
  11. “Broke up a fist fight in a new hire orientation” & “Teaching a leadership class at a mortgage company while the housing market crashed, seeing our CEO on TV in a breakroom across the hall telling the world everything was “fine.” “~@bjmtrainer
  12. Whether participants will like the lunch. ~ @ffjr1405
  13. Deadline approaches faster than I thought for delivery. ~ @DavidVincentDec

Here at Train Like A Champion, we wish you all a very happy hallows eve and hope you never face one of these scary fates. What is your scariest training story to fear? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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