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292 Training Activity Ideas For Your Next Workshop

What if you had a library of almost 300 training activities at your fingertips?
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“I just wish I could have access to your training activity library.”

We spent the summer beta testing a tool that can help anyone design a training session in under five minutes. Soapbox is the name of the tool and it will hit the market in about two weeks (if you’d like to sign up to be notified when it’s available, click here).

One of the most common pieces of feedback we received from our beta group was that they’d simply like access to our library of training activities. We listened to that feedback and in this post, I’ve included links to almost 300 different training activities.

Happy training!

263 Instructor-led (Classroom) Activities

20 training activities using a simple training model

25 activities to make lecture-based programs active

5 models to pull out of your hat on a moment’s notice

12 instructor-led training activities for before, during and after training

18 instructor-led training activities to engage learners (with explainer videos)

4 activities for group problem solving

15 brilliant large group games and workshop activities

101 interactive training techniques

63 team building activities that your team won’t roll their eyes at

29 Instructor-led (Webinar) Activities

24 easy activities for keeping webinars engaging

5 webinar engagement strategies

Is it enough to have good training activities?

Whether you’re delivering training in-person or virtually, this blog post offers you a library of 292 training activities (I confess, some of these lists have overlap, but there are still a ton of activities here).

Activities alone, however, don’t make for amazing learning experiences. Some people actually prefer to sit through lecture than to go through an activity that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the topic at hand. A little while back, my colleague Heather called activities that don’t serve the purpose of accomplishing your learning objectives “garbage activities“.

It takes time, intention and planning to pull together the right mix of activities that can both engage your learners and lead to true behavior change. If you like the idea of bringing activities into your next training workshop but don’t have the time to put together an effective plan, you may want to give Soapbox a try.

If you feel like all you need is some inspiration and some new ideas, hopefully you’ll find some in the activity links above.

Maybe the activities themselves aren’t the answer at all. What are some ways you’ve been able to generate employee training that is both engaging and leads to change?



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