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7 Sites for Elearning Templates, Tutorials and Inspiration

When it comes to training development, we can all use some help. Here are 7 sites that can offer inspiration, tutorials and downloadable templates for your next elearning project.

Elearning projects are so much more fun to develop when you aren’t sitting at your screen, just staring, trying to determine how to bring that amazing idea in your mind to life with your authoring tool. Following are seven places you’ll be able to visit for inspiration, short tutorials or actual templates you can download and accelerate the pace of your development.

Some of these sites may be authoring-tool specific, but all of these sites will offer you ideas that can be transferred to whatever authoring tool you may be using.

A world-class portfolio to help you get your ideas flowing

Allen Interactions has been churning out best-in-class elearning for decades. Their online portfolio is a place I’ll often go when I just need some inspiration for a new project. You’ll find a variety of elearning examples and a variety of contexts that should offer you some ideas for any project you may be working on.

Allen Interactions

100+ Storyline Tutorials

Ashley Chiasson, author of Articulate Storyline Essentials and Mastering Articulate Storyline, has spoken at numerous conferences about Storyline and offers more than 100 Storyline tutorials on her site. These tutorials offer you short video lessons on how to do things in Storyline ranging from creating customer previous and next buttons to customizing built-in multiple choice questions (and more than 100 other things, too).

Ashley Chiasson

Cheat Codes for Storyline Development

Want to add a pop-up with helpful hints to your course if your learners haven’t made a move in a while? Want to create an activity in which your learners need to roll dice or spin a wheel? There are so many cool ideas swirling in our minds, but how many of us know how to actually bring these things to life? Wouldn’t it just be easier if someone already did all this work for us?

Articulate’s online community has an entire section where Storyline power users have simply decided to share their templates for about a gazillion different types of interactions. And you can download any of these samples. For free. Right here.

SL Templates

Rise 360 is simple… but is what you see really what you get?

Articulate Rise 360 is popular because it is sooooo simple. The way in which Articulate offered such a simple tool to use and build elearning is that you are pretty limited in terms of what you’re able to do and how you’re able to do it.

That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach however, but the first key to unlocking the power of Rise 360 is truly understanding what you can do and how you might want to use it in various circumstances. This article might be handy to bookmark if you’re an occasional Rise 360 user, so that you can remind yourself what’s available and what’s possible with Rise.

Rise 1

3 Different Articles to Help Create Better Scenarios in Rise 360

When our team was initially getting used to creating elearning with Rise, we felt we were limited to having the learner scroll through information, having the learner click on a card to flip it around and reveal more information, or quizzes. If we really wanted to create a scenario, we could develop something in Storyline and then embed it into the Rise module, but then we were suddenly using two different tools.

As we did some more digging, we found the following three articles that offered some very real inspiration as to how we could use the tools native to Rise to create engaging, realistic scenarios for learners to practice their skills and putting their new knowledge to the test:

Have you found a go-to site, checklist or resource people should know about when it comes to make elearning just a little easier? Drop it into the comments and let’s all learn from your experiences!

Need to move an elearning project along but don’t have time to read through all these resources, but instead you’re looking for a partner who can help bring an elearning project to life? That’s one of our core competencies at Endurance Learning! Drop me a line and let’s talk about how we might be able to work together!

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