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Are You Willing to Rebel Against Mediocre Learning Initiatives?

Every once in a while, someone in my network makes me a wee bit jealous of something they’re working on. A cool, innovative way to solve a problem (why didn’t I think of that??). An amazing eLearning solution (why can’t I design something similarly original and unique and engaging??).

Last week I learned my colleague Shannon Tipton published an ebook entitled: Disruptive Learning: Discover Your Inner Learning Rebel. Shannon has blogged about the theme of disrupting workplace learning through more effective learning strategies for years on her Learning Rebels blog. Now she’s published a book (and I’m a bit jealous).

If you have $5.99 and are looking for a quick summer read and you’re looking for some new ideas to transform your overall learning strategy, take a look.

One of the great things about being active on social media is the opportunity to connect with thought leaders across the field of learning and development. I continue to be amazed that, by simply connecting with these folks through Twitter or LinkedIn, I have access to their thoughts on the field of learning and development on a daily basis. These connections give me new ideas and energy and ultimately make me better at what I do.

If you’re looking for a few other quick reads, I’d also recommend checking out:

  1. Michelle Baker’s Onboarding Tools for Hiring Managers: Tips, Tools and Rules to Set New Employees Up for Success
  2. Clark Quinn’s Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance & Innovation Strategy for the Information Age

And of course, if you’re still looking for a nice book to take to the beach this summer and keep your skills sharp while you generate some vitamin D, here is a list of 14 other books you might be interested in.

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