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Easy Drag and Drop eLearning Interactions

The focus at work lately has been on eLearning. As we are building these training modules, we have found some creative ways to use Articulate Storyline drag and drop functionality. Today, we would like to share three fun and engaging drag and drop eLearning interactions from our recent projects.

Magnetic Poetry

One struggle I have with eLearning is getting participants to share their stories or reflect individually. Giving space for free text journaling in the module opens up the opportunity for participants to skip an activity or write gibberish. To combat this,  add an interaction that resembles one of those Magnetic Poetry sets your roommate had in college.  Try your hand at creating your own phrase in the interaction below.

Magnetic Poetry - elearning interaction

Try this Magnetic Poetry eLearning interaction.

Pros and Cons

Compare and contrast activities are pretty simple in the classroom with a flip chart and some sticky notes. This activity translates really well in eLearning. Creating a “Pros and Cons” list that the user cannot get incorrect by bouncing out incorrect answers gives a great opportunity for participants to think through pros and cons. This could also be a Venn Diagram if there are overlapping comparisons. Try this out and maybe we’ll share the Venn Diagram version in the future!

Pros and Cons elearning interaction

Try this “Pros and Cons” elearning interaction.

Efficiency Clock

Objectives that include statements like “Demonstrate how this process/feature/benefit increases/decrease the efficiency of a process” are a great opportunity to graphically represent how time is saved. One option is to use an efficiency clock, like the interaction below, to show what activities increase or decrease the efficiency of a behavior or feature. Notice that the clock reinforces the point we’re trying to make beyond just identifying the correct words.

Efficiency Close elearning interaction

Try the “Efficiency Clock” eLearning interaction.

What creative ways have you found using drag and drop eLearning interactions?  Do you have ideas about eLearning interactions but haven’t figured out how to use them creatively? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


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