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Effective PowerPoint Checklist: Is Your PowerPoint Good?

We all use PowerPoint. Here's a checklist to determine if we're using it *well*.

I’ve been working with a number of presenters to help them develop more effective, engaging presentations for upcoming conference or training sessions. While PowerPoint should never be the focal point of a presentation, effective slide design is important for those presenters who choose to use PowerPoint in their sessions.

To help presenters determine whether their slides are any good, I put together the Effective PowerPoint Checklist to help them perform a self-assessment.   

Definition of an Effective PowerPoint Deck

I don’t know that there’s any one, universal definition for “good” PowerPoint design, but I think “good” slides have several things in common:

  • They’re visually attractive.
  • They’re easy to read.
  • They don’t distract from the presenter or the presentation.

In the spirit of these three characteristics, here is the aforementioned checklist (and you can download a PDF of the Effective PowerPoint Checklist):

Effective PowerPoint Checklist

What’s missing from the Effective PowerPoint Checklist? I’d love to hear any suggestions in the comment section.

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