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Flip Chart Examples: The Art of the Flip Chart

Before you read this, you may want to check out 9 tips for better flip charts. This is a great introduction to improving your flip charts and also includes some great flip chart examples.

As I wrapped up a day-long training session, a participant came up to me and said: “I don’t know why we don’t do more of this kind of thing.  Such little changes make a world of difference.”

She was talking about my flip charts.

I like using flip charts because they can stay on the wall for an entire session (with PowerPoint I lose my image as soon as I advance a slide), I can add to them at any point (with PowerPoint, I’m mostly stuck with the slides I’ve created in advance) and anyone else in the room can add to them at any time. Here are three major factors I’ve found to good flip chart design:

Advanced Preparation

When participants walk into the room and see flipcharts prepared and hung in advance it sends the message that I’ve invested some time in preparing for the session.  I find that my handwriting is much neater when I can take my time, so preparing the flipcharts I plan to use in advance creates a better visual experience and just seems more professional than last-minute, ad hoc creation of flipcharts.  In addition, having flipcharts prepared in advance allows me to go right into the next topic without having to use valuable class time to (sloppily) create the next flipchart.

As a participant, which kind of visual imagery would you prefer to have hanging around the room?

flip chart created on the fly
Flipchart created in the moment
flip chart prepared in advance
Flip chart example prepared in advance

Basic Flip Chart Design

Another small addition to my flipchart design that I find makes a big impact is to illustrate my key point(s).  Below are two examples of a welcome flipchart with instructions.  If you were a participant, would you think there’s a different tone that’s set by these different flipchart examples even though they’re using the exact same words?

sloppy welcome flip chart
Welcome flip chart with style

Content Creation

One of the great things about a flip chart is that it can be used to create content during a training session.  When I divide people into small groups, I’ll often have clear instructions written at the top of the flipchart to provide structure and clarity to the group discussion.  If I’m capturing participants’ thoughts on an easel at the front of the room, I’m sure to write down their exact words. And when listing various points, I make sure to use alternating colors so that each point is easily distinguishable.

boring flip chart with content
attractive flip chart with colors and drawing

Have additional ideas on flip chart design or want to share your own flip chart examples?  Add ‘em to the comment section below!

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