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Fun with Storyline: A Man’s Guide to Holiday Party Attire

Are you a guy? Never know quite what to wear when you're told to wear "cocktail attire"? This job aid just might help!

For the longest time, when I opened Articulate Storyline, I felt I needed to create an entire course. I’m not talking a read-all-this-content-then-click-next-through-50-slides-of-text type of course. I’m talking choose-your-own-adventure, multiple branching scenarios course.

While that type of course development is fun and exciting and allows for a lot of creativity, it also takes a lot of time to put together.

Storyline is also a great tool to create simple job aids. While there’s certainly a time and place for building entire courses, there’s also a time and place for simple, just-in-time, on-demand job aids to help people look up information when they need it.

In the spirit of the holiday season, when holiday parties abound, I put together the following job aid to help men with their choice of attire (launch it by clicking here). If you know of some poor guy out there who isn’t quite sure what the difference is between business casual, cocktail attire and professional dress, feel free to pass this along.

What to Wear Guide

By the way, this was super-easy to put together (I did very little design work on this module). I simply went to the downloads section of the eLearning Heroes website and grabbed a free template, and splashed my content onto each of the layers. Thank you to Nicole Legault for sharing this template!

Beyond formal courses, how have you been putting technology to use for just-in-time, on-demand resources for the learners in your organization (or, for the free lancers out there, how have you been doing this for your clients)?


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