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Gifts for that Special Trainer in your Life

As the holiday season comes into full swing, this will be the final Train Like A Champion blog post of the year.  For those of you needing to do some last-minute shopping for your training colleagues (or if you happen to have some extra money in your budget that needs to be spent before the end of the year), here are a few suggestions:

Under $10.00: Mr. Sketch Markers

They are long-lasting.  They don’t bleed through the flipchart.  Their fun scents help break the ice as your learners will try to sneak some whiffs of the various colors without seeming like they’re trying to get high.  And they’re even worthy of a lengthy poem.

Under $15.00: Ream of Colored Paper

When you have multiple handouts to distribute to participants, it can be helpful to use different colors to differentiate those handouts.  Instead of having everything printed on white paper, sometimes it’s just easier to say: “Take a look at the handout printed on salmon pink (as opposed to the handout printed on goldenrod) paper.”  Pastel paper is classy, Astrobrite paper is a much bolder choice (but be careful you don’t use a color – like hot pink – that is obnoxious to look at for extended periods of time).

Under $35.00: Flipchart Carrying Tube

Some flipcharts are such great works of art that you’ll want to use them over and over.  Investing in a carrying tube to store and transport your flipchart can more than pay for itself in time saved later because you won’t have to repeatedly create the same flipcharts.

Under $40.00: Wireless Remote

Many presenters prefer not to stand behind a podium for their presentations.  A wireless remote allows a presenter to move around, advance slides and even highlight items on the screen with the laser pointer feature.

There are also a number of specialty items – PowerPoint templates, specialty fonts, table toys, trainer games and accessories – that can be quite useful and vary in price.  If you’re looking to get something for that special trainer in your life, hopefully these ideas are useful.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.  Thank you for taking some time to read this blog.  I’ll return to posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the new year.  In the mean time, if you like what you see and don’t want to miss a single post, please be sure to click “Follow.”  If you have a question or suggestion for a topic on training delivery and facilitation skills (or if you just want to kick around some training ideas one-on-one), please drop a line at

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