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How Many Experts Does It Take?

Training teams vary in size and skill depth. Large teams likely have individuals that focus primarily on one aspect of the training lifecycle, while small teams tend to have people that assume various job roles. As a trainer, I fall into the latter category. I enjoy being involved in various stages of a training, and as a dedicated learner, I love exploring more about how each task in L&D is completed.  No matter what the team size, it takes a lot of expertise to build a presentation.

Who Supports Presentation Design?

Like many of you, training was a bit of a surprise career for me. I have spoken to countless people at conferences who didn’t really expect to work in the learning and development world. I have heard from Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that worked their way into facilitation, technical writers who become instructional designers, marketing developers who find their way in eLearning design, and many other circuitous journeys into L&D.  I also know many L&D professionals who deliberately honed their craft in one aspect of training and are masters of a focused skill set.

With so much diversity in size and skills on training teams, I wonder…

In your organization, how many experts it takes to design and deliver a great presentation?

Please take a moment to answer the Twitter poll below and leave a comment on what experts are on your team.

You can also tell us in the comments below. What roles are involved that we haven’t mentioned?

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