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Icebreaker: Crossword Puzzle

Sometimes a fun activity for participants to work on at their seats is a nice tool to have at your disposal.  Here’s a training skills icebreaker in a crossword puzzle featuring a variety of training terms. Feel free to use it at your next train the trainer session (download the icebreaker).

04262013 - Crossword


3    Learning style attracted to handouts and graphic organizers

5   “M” from WIIFM

9    Key to learners paying attention

15  Most important determinant in whether training will be transferred to the job

17  Design step to relate to your audience

18  Bloom’s third level

19  Learning style that can soak up lecture

20  Best marker ever Mr. ________


1    One alternative to lecture _____ study

2    To get the most from an icebreaker do this

4    Learning objective should be ______-centered

6    Role play engages these learners

7    Learning style that loves a good gallery walk

8    Template to guide your presentation (two words)

10  A verb never to be used in learning objectives

11  Design step to prime learners for the real world (two words)

12  So much better than monotone

13  Alternative to PowerPoint

14  Father of adult learning

16  Makes perfect

Building a common vocabulary around training skills or change management or sales processes or whatever your audience is learning can be essential for cohesive teamwork.  If you’d like to create a crossword puzzle activity for your next training session, check out

Have you used a puzzle like this in your sessions?

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