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Icebreaker: Yes vs. No

Yes v. No

Change efforts can be difficult. Sometimes you have people who are true believers in the change from the start. Sometimes you have people who will never believe in the change. Often you have people who say they believe in the change, but in their minds and hearts they are thinking “this can’t be done.”

People don’t always appreciate how their (dis)belief in change can impact the effort. In order to illustrate the mindboggling power of the words “yes” and “no”, the  CEO of my organization used an activity to wrap up a two-day meeting revolving around important changes that needed to be made. I’ve done my best to re-create that activity in the following 3-minute video:

This activity can serve as a metaphor on so many levels. It can be an icebreaker to introduce change. It can be an activity to illustrate the impact of students’ attitude when pursuing a GED. It can be used with children, doctors or even, as you can see in my recording, with family members. I’ve seen it used with co-workers and hyper-competitive professionals, and I’ve never seen it fail. It’s a pretty fun activity to watch unfold.

Come back and drop a note in the Comment section if you happen to be inspired to use this activity in your work – I’d love to hear how else this could be applied.

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