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Is Training Worth It?

Is It Worth It

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my “go-to move” in the training room: an activity called How I See It.

Since that post, I received several notes from people telling me that they were excited to use that activity. Several others asked for more specifics about how the activity worked.

In April I was asked to deliver a presentation at our local ATD chapter’s annual workplace learning conference. My session was called: How One Key Question Helps Organizations Thrive: Is It [Training] Worth It? As part of that session, of course, I integrated the How I See It activity.

In today’s post, I’m providing:

How I See It Lesson Plan          How I See It Cards

  1. An excerpt of the lesson plan
  2. The set of How I See It cards used during the activity

If you decide to adapt this activity for an upcoming session, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. This is a high energy, engaging activity that small groups will want to keep talking about even after time is up. Be sure you have an effective method of getting the small groups’ attention and transitioning to the de-brief.
  2. I have a nasty habit of underestimating how much time this activity and the small group discussions can take. Be sure to give small groups ample time to discuss each of the cards… don’t be stingy!

One final note: if you happen to use this activity and/or modify it, let me know. I’d love to hear what variations of this activity work for different audiences!

Looking for additional activities?

Here is a list of 16 icebreaking activities you may find useful. And here is one of my favorite magic tricks that can serve as a powerful metaphor for behavior change and change management.

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