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Shake it Up with Kahoot Family Feud

Creating Kahoot Family Feud for your next training session using Kahoot!, a free tool that's easy to use, could bring some freshness and competition to your training room.

In the past, I’ve written about how to create a Family Feud-style game and I’ve offered a PowerPoint template for a Jeopardy-style quiz game.

For a meeting I have coming up on January 30 I wanted to try something new in order to review a litany of things that were accomplished in 2015. An L&D buddy, Enzo Silva, suggested I try Kahoot!. I kicked the tires on it a bit and I really like it.

Kahoot Family Feud Sample

5 Reasons to play Kahoot Family Feud

Here are five reasons to do Kahoot Family Feud:

  1. Variety. It is, after all, the spice of life. Kahoot! is just a little different from more traditional classroom quiz-game formats like Jeopardy. The format I’ll be using is a bit more like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, which brings me to my second reason…
  2. Familiar. My meeting will take place in India, and one of the more popular game shows there has been “Kaun Banega Thalaiva” (“Who will become a millionaire”). The standard format of Kahoot!, with a built-in countdown timer and four options at the bottom of the screen give it that “Millionaire” feel.
  3. Nuanced Scoring. With Kahoot! Family Feud there are two ways to rack up points: you will get points with correct responses and you will earn more points the faster you answer. So even if two or more people respond correctly, the person who answers faster will be awarded more points!
  4. Mobile or Laptop. I’m not sure what sorts of devices my audience will have with them during this meeting, and if they don’t have a handheld device with Internet or Wifi service, we can always set them up with a laptop.
  5. Everything is easy! It’s extremely easy to set up the game with questions and multiple choices. The user interface takes a little getting used to, but after one or two questions, everyone I’ve tested the tool with has gotten the hang of it. And the scoring is taken care of for you.

Have you played Kahoot! Family Feud? How did it work for you? Have you found other tools to engage your audience? Let’s hear about them in the comment section!

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