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Top Learning Tools 2018

There are a number of useful digital tools for L&D professionals to use. How much do you know about the variety of tools you could be using?

Jane Hart’s annual list of the Top 200 Tools for Learning was released in late September. You can find the list with brief descriptions of all of the current year top tools for learning.

I’m going to talk about some great tools in this article, but I would encourage you to look to the bottom of the page for our more recent analysis of the top tools for learning.

I get excited to review this list each year for two reasons: 1) I’m curious how the tools I use rank in popularity across the L&D community (the list was compiled after 2,951 votes were cast from 52 different countries), and 2) I love scanning the list to see if there might be some digital tools I could add to my craft in the coming year.

This year, one thing that jumped out at me was the number of “Audience Response Tools” that are available. 

Polling Software as Learning Tools

I’ve never regretted integrating a tool like PollEverywhere or Kahoot into one of my presentations. In fact, I often have people come up to me after a presentation, asking for the name of the tool I used that allowed everyone in the session to participate in a poll (PollEverywhere) or a quiz game (Kahoot).

Perusing the list compiled by Jane Hart, it appears that there are now a number of other players in the real-time audience polling market. I’m looking forward to checking out:

Some of these tools look much more robust and feature-laden that PollEverywhere… which might be a good thing, or it might be more than I’d need for my presentation’s purposes. Some of these sites encourage you to schedule a demo, which probably means they’re pricier than your average bare-bones polling tool, but if you run conferences or other large meetings, they could be worth a look.

I’m curious about the kinds of digital tools you use to bring life to your presentations. Drop a line in the comment section!

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