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Leveraging Pinterest as a Learning and Design Tool

People have their opinions about social media. Believe me, I have my own. I do, however, play on Pinterest every so often and I have found a few useful things when searching for ideas for my kid’s school project or gardening tips. As a site that is geared toward the DIY mom type, there is a surprising amount of teaching resources. After I discovered this little sub-culture of Pinterest from my teacher friends, I was un-surprised there is a decent sized library of instructional design boards on this site.

Today, I thought I would share a few of the boards I follow on Pinterest to keep up on learning and development. Let’s dig in.

Freelance Instructional Design

A wealth of free tool kits, courses, and various recourses for freelancers looking to get started or seeking inspiration. I don’t think you need to be a freelancer to benefit from this board, I follow it and enjoy the tips as well.

Instructional Design and eLearning

A comprehensive look at adult learning including some great activities, explanations of learning theories, Storyline best practices, and a lot of literature that clears up industry jargon.

Teach Thought

While geared toward K-12 educators, this board will serve L&D professionals well with tips on classroom teaching, assessment, change management, and more.

eLearning Brothers

With their reliable list of templates, the eLearning brothers fill up their Pinterest boards with familiar images along with Lectora and Storyline tips.

eLearning Infographics

This board focus on infographics for various types of education. They are really well laid out and interesting to anyone interested in infographics.

All this said, there is some junk science on Pinterest, so take the pins with a grain of salt. You will find all kinds of references to learning styles, millennials attention span, and neuroscience of learning. You’ll need to use good judgment. What have you found that is useful for learning and development on Pinterest? Let’s keep this conversation going in the comments below.

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