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LinkedIn Groups for Learning and Development

LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals because it is a site that is largely about professionals communicating with intention.  I check LinkedIn regularly for inspiration or to get a pulse on the industry. Recently I discovered LinkedIn Groups to connect further into the learning and development community.

LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are a request only collection of people with similar interests or professions. Once accepted into a group, they work like a forum where people have discussions or share articles. To access groups in LinkedIn, click on the Work button on the upper right of your profile and select Groups from the pop-up menu.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

L&D Groups on LinkedIn

There are many L&D groups on LinkedIn. Some are there to promote their brand, some are there to connect like-minded professionals, and a lot live somewhere in between. Let’s dig into a few groups I have found helpful so far.

Effective and Fun Training Techniques

This group aims to talk about and share effective and fun training techniques. While there are a few people using this group for self-promotion, there are also people using it as intended. As an instructional designer who is always looking for fun and engaging activities, I find this group useful.

Elearning Guild

This LinkedIn Group for Guild members aims to push the industry forward by sharing thoughts and articles. Most conversations in this group relate to eLearning Guild content. However, there are several individuals asking good questions and starting conversations about L&D.

Learning, Education, and Training Professionals Group

This big group is all about sharing ideas and resources about to learning and development. Because this is such a large group – over 200,000 members – there is a lot of information being passed around in this group.

Elearning Industry

This group is mostly a curation of the top articles from the Elearning Industry site. As a reader of their website, I enjoy this group.

Those are just a few of the learning and development groups I have found on LinkedIn.

How do you use LinkedIn to grow in your L&D role? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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