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February is a tough month for me. It is likely Pygmalion, but my favorite part about this month at this point is that it is only 28 days long. After digging out of epic amounts of snow and half of the days dipping well below zero degrees Fahrenheit, my family has grown thoroughly vitamin D deficient. Being cooped up can be stifling; both physically and creatively.

Despite my negative feelings towards this short month, I am an optimist. One beautiful thing about spending this much time in the house is rediscovering my love of games. Over the last three weeks, I have dusted a few games from which I have drawn some creative inspiration. Here are a few you can play if you are lacking inspiration this month.

Pass the Pig / Pig Mania

Difficulty: Easy

Brief Summary:

Pass the Pig is like dice, but with pigs! The rules have fantastic names like leaning jowler and Makin Bacon

Training Application:

It has a great math application, and any sort of statistical analysis especially if you are talking about live stalk. If your teambuilding needs a needs a bit of gambling flare if you do the Hog Call edition (see Wikipedia link above).


Difficulty: Moderate

Brief Summary

Dexit is a card sort game where the goal is storytelling, what could be better?

Training Application

Card sorts and storytelling work really well in sales and development training as well as icebreakers. There is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from this game.


Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Brief Summary

A card game within a board game with two, three, or four players who are obsessed with the numbers 15 and 31.

Training Application

Statistics, dexterity, and team building are all great applications for crib. I play it regularly with a hot cup of tea and good competition with my husband when it is -20 in Montana.

What games inspire you to make good training? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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