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Get the Most Out of a Training Conference

The menus on conference web pages often have a tab that leads you to information on how to convince your boss to send you to their conference. I have never had to sell the value of a training conference to my superiors, but I do understand that it is important to get as much out of these very expensive experiences.

Goal Setting for Training Conferences

Learning Solutions is coming in a few short weeks, and as I finish preparations for my session on Harnessing the Power of the Narrative, I am working to focus my goals in attending this training conference. As a first-timer at Learning Solutions, I want to dive in with a clear set of objectives. To do this, I am borrowing a method from Brian Washburn that he uses to ensure he has metrics that indicate a return on investment called MPV goals. In this goal setting strategy, you set Minimum, Primary, and Visionary goals you have for the conference. I not only found this exercise to be helpful in my session selection, but it also added to my excitement to get to Florida and start learning.

My Goals for Learning Solutions Training Conference

Minimum Goals

  1. Learn one new thing about gamification and apply it to a project. Our team has been exploring the use of games in recent training sessions. I am interested in learning more about how trainers are adding games to their programs that go beyond badges and leaderboards.
  2. Learn one new thing about Augmented Reality and apply it to a project. I have yet to play with augmented reality in training. I would really like to attend a session that can help me understand the application in our industry.

Primary Goals

  • Talk to three presenters of sessions I attended.  One hour is rarely enough time to learn everything I want from a presentation. I would love to continue conversations with at least three presenters after their session.
  • Deliver a session that is engaging and elicits follow up conversations from three attendees. Similar to the previous goal, I want to continue the conversation with my session’s attendees.

Visionary Goals

  • Take a picture with three people who regularly tweet/blog about L&D in person. I have met several L&D influencers on social media, but not in person. I hope to meet a few, snap a selfie, and take a moment to geek out about current projects.
  • Video recap each day at the end of each day.  The eLearning Guild sets up fun apps during conferences and I really enjoy how they connect everyone. I hope to contribute to that every day of the conference with a short video recap of the sessions and events each day.

Stay tuned for an April 5th post where I’ll reflect on the outcomes of these goals.

Are you attending Learning Solutions? Any other training conference? What are your MVP goals? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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