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My favorite professional development experience, ever, was…

We all have our favorite training moments. Find out what some other people say their favorite moments were. Then add your own.

Antioch - Listening with Humor

Good professional development moments make us smile. Or make us smack our heads and say “ah-ha!” The best ones inspire us to do something new or differently or better.

When we’re delivering training, the best moments might come when we see the light come on in someone’s brain, when someone smacks their own head and says “ah-ha!” Or maybe the best moment comes two weeks later when you walk by someone who was in your training session and you see them using the skills you trained them on.

Back in January, I shared a handful of my favorite training experiences.

Today, I’m traveling in and around the DC-area in order to deliver several presentations, so I’d like to ask a favor and get some help with today’s blog post.

It’s time to make this blog a truly social experience.

If you have two minutes (maybe you’re reading this on your bus ride in to work, or perhaps you’re reading this during some boring meeting that got stuck on your calendar), go to the comment section and do one or both of the following:

  1. Write about your favorite training experience.
  2. Respond to someone else’s comment (assuming anyone writes a comment) if it resonates with you.

You can write it in 10 words. You can write it in 10 sentences. Be as pithy or wordy as you’d like.

If you know someone else who you think has a good moment to share, pass this post along via email or Twitter or LinkedIn. The more comments, the merrier!

I promise to be back on Thursday with more insights and ideas and maybe even a tip or two for you to use. For today, however, why not learn from one another?


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