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PowerPoint inspiration from 5 Presentations

There may be a variety of effective alternatives to PowerPoint, but the fact remains: PowerPoint is the most commonly used presentation tool in use today.

If you’re looking for some new ideas and PowerPoint inspiration to make your next slide deck more engaging, here are five examples that offer plenty of elements (vivid imagery, limited/no bullet points, nice font pairings, good content, limited word count) to borrow and transfer over to your visual aids:

1. Surprise Your Audience (Damon Nofar)

[slideshare id=58550488&doc=5waystosurpriseyouraudiencebydamonnofar-160222113723]

2. Slideshare’s Hidden Treasure (Donna Moritz)

[slideshare id=57691737&doc=slideshareshiddentreasure-160131024938]

3. Screw You Bullet Points! (Ayman Sadiq)

[slideshare id=55942957&doc=screwyoubulletpoints-151208171941-lva1-app6892]

4. Answering Tough Questions During Presentations (24Slides)

[slideshare id=55771028&doc=7mythswhenansweringtoughquestionsduringpresentations-151203081927-lva1-app6892]

The design of this presentation is pretty nice. In terms of the content, I find it odd they never suggest the boomerang!

5. Share the Love with your Audience (@flipchartguy)

[slideshare id=44585014&doc=5waystosharethelove-150212025001-conversion-gate01]

I know what I like to see when I sit through a presentation. When it comes to these slide deck examples, what are some things you notice that make them effective visual aids? Let’s hear your PowerPoint inspiration in the Comment section!

Want to see several examples of how a little TLC can make a huge difference in slide design? Try these:

Trick Out My PowerPoint (with special guest PowerPoint designer Michelle Baker)

Trick Out My PowerPoint Episode 2 (also with Michelle Baker)

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