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Looking for new training tools for your next project?

Each year Jane Hart’s Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) publishes a list of the Top 200 Tools for Learning.

And each year, things like Google Search, PowerPoint and YouTube appear at the top of the list. Those aren’t surprising, but I love scrolling down the list in order to see what new training tools other people are using. I’ll inevitably stumble upon a few new technologies that I’ll incorporate into my own toolbox.

From past lists I’ve discovered new training tools like Kahoot! and PowToon, both of which I’ll still use to this day.

This year, I came across two new training technologies that seem like they could be really useful (or at least really fun) to begin playing with.  One focuses on interactive video, the other on augmented reality.

Below you’ll find a Slideshare presentation that offers a brief summary of each of the 200 tools that made the list, and here is the list in table form.

[slideshare id=80223811&doc=2017top200tools-170927163739]


Here are the two tools, new to the list this year, which jumped out at me:

HiHaHo: Interactive Video

If you can get past the silly name, this is the easiest way to create interactive videos that I’ve ever seen. In general, my go-to interactive video tool is Camtasia, but HiHaHo allows you to insert questions, quizzes, menus, on-screen text and the ability to skip to later parts of the video (among other things) with very little effort.

You can use your own video that resides on your local drive or you can pull in something you’ve uploaded to YouTube. And you can do all of this easily and fast.

I was playing around with a video and just inserted a few elements as I played over the course of about 5 minutes, and this is how it turned out (can you find the three interactive elements I built into the first 42 seconds of the video?). As you can see, I was just playing around, but I can see wide application for this tool when it comes to creating interactive videos for your training library.

Aurasma: Augmented Reality

This augmented reality building tool is the coolest thing I’ve come across in a long time. Again, just playing around, I was able to layer an image of myself over the Endurance Learning logo in under a minute.

Using the HP Reveal app on my iPhone, I can scan my computer or a physical object (a piece of paper, a sticker, etc.) for this image:

EL Logo XL

And this is what I’ll see on my phone:

new training tools in action

If you squint and tilt your head, you can see an image of me in a silver sequined jacket (apologies for the picture quality).

Beyond the cool factor, I can see very practical applications for augmented reality in a training setting. Hotels can use this technology to help housekeeping staff identify exactly how rooms should be set up for the next guest. Salespeople can use this technology to assist them with product features and benefits. In the training room itself, you can set up a content scavenger hunt as people walk around the room trying to find content.

Do you use interactive video? Do you see the potential for augmented reality in your training program? What new training tools are you bringing into your training sessions? I’d love to hear your stories of (or plans for) using technology in your training programs!

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