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The One Word Resolution (2022 Edition)

Dating back to January 2013, I’ve made a one-word resolution as my final blog post of the year. It’s something I read about from another blogger and I really liked the concept – to set an intention which I will think about constantly through the next year.

As a learning professional who is also a small business owner, author, blogger, father and friend, my one-word resolution always helps me in my L&D career, but this is a post that goes beyond that one dimension of my life. If you think that setting an intention for the next year would be helpful in your work and/or personal life, I invite you to adopt the tradition.

For 2022, my one-word resolution will be: uncomfortable.

As I reflect on much of my work over the past few years, I feel I’ve worked hard. I also feel like I may have gotten a little too comfortable. I have my go-to training techniques. I’ve had an opportunity to get to know the same clients through a variety of projects. My 1:1s with staff have a similar formula. So does my podcast. I’ve had so many opportunities to work with the folks at ATD I feel like I’m part of their work family. And I’m not complaining about any of this – I feel extremely fortunate for this comfortable life I’ve carved out – both professionally and personally. And yet…

Growth comes on that edge of discomfort. I think it’s time for me to get a little uncomfortable, experimenting with new professional associations, formats for my podcast, ways to engage my staff. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable, but I do like the potential results I may find by trying new things and getting out of that comfort zone.

Interested to know the one-word resolutions of the rest of the folks here at Endurance Learning? Keep reading!

Heather Snyder

My one-word resolution for 2022 is curiosity. I feel like every year I mention that Endurance Learning is growing, and this year is no different. As you can see from this list, there are like a lot of us now. What you don’t see on this list is our growing list of clients. As we grow, we adapt, and to adapt you need to learn. At Endurance Learning, we solve problems. To come up with good solutions, we need to focus on the nature of problems and learn from them with an open mind and absolute curiosity.

Lauren Wescott

For 2022, my one-word resolution is intentional. Things have been BUSY over here at Endurance Learning this year, and I find myself running along most days just trying to stay on top of everything. It’s hard when life and work are so busy, to make the intentional time in my schedule for the things that will help me grow in my job. Which is why I’ve chosen the word intentional. I want to be intentional to schedule (and follow through with) time to invest in learning and growth opportunities. I’m thankful that I work for a company that allows me the opportunity to have this time. Now, I need to go seize it!

Rachel Niles

As we move into 2022, I am inspired by my favorite guest on the Train Like You Listen podcast this past year, Dialogue Education pioneer, Jane Vella. She shared during her conversation on the podcast that “We are listening for the opportunity to learn” and going forward into the new year, I’m taking this to heart. My one-word resolution for 2022 is: listen

I have been so busy over the last year, I really want to encourage myself to pause and listen. What an easy thing to do, and also such a privilege. (Notice the word “opportunity” in the quote above.) I must grab the chance! When busy or stressed or overly focused it’s difficult to quiet myself and my life enough to listen. But, really, how much more effort does it take? I can listen to myself, to others, to my own heart and will, to someone else’s opinion, or something I have never heard before. I can listen to music, and change everything about the way I feel. I can listen to silence and do the same.

In everything I do, I think listening seems like it might be the perfect first step before starting. How funny it might also be an excellent last step, before wrapping up. It’s an “opportunity to learn” if I just choose to take it.

So in 2022, I want to listen. I want to hear more of what others want and need. Many problems, big and small, could begin to find solutions if people would just listen to each other. Jane Vella shared that the best advice she ever received was “Shut up. Keep Quiet. Listen”. And I’m listening to that.

Lindsay Garcia

My one-word resolution for the upcoming 2022 year is acceptance. A main goal of mine now that I am taking on a combination of many roles (a full-time mother, wife, friend, and Learning and Development Manager), is to accept the successes and mistakes I may make within each of these roles, and to celebrate them. Life is a constant journey of growth through learning from one’s mistakes and building from one’s successes. I plan to work on accepting myself as I am, both strengths and flaws, and to accept those around me with an open mind. With acceptance, I hope to become more mindful and purposeful in my actions, to allow myself to take some me-moments when needed, and to forgive myself for the little things (mom guilt is real). Looking forward to an amazing 2022!

Erin Clarke

As the newest Endurance Learning employee, I was pretty tickled to learn that we choose one word resolutions every year. It’s a practice I have done in my personal life for the past several years and now I get to do it in conjunction with my new team – how fun!

As a working mom, with three young kiddos and a spouse who travels for work, I find that I’m often scrambling. Scrambling to shuttle everyone to and fro, join my meetings on time, meet deadlines, feed everyone, and all the things that are part of running a household and just being a human. I’ve found that words like “balance” make me feel unsuccessful because balance looks different in every season. So this year, my word is energy, and I’m focusing on energy from many different angles.

I want to be conscious of the energy that I bring when I am with others. My intention is to bring positive and uplifting energy. I am thinking about how I can bring new energy to the work that I do and how I can engage and energize the learners that I am creating content for. And most importantly (to me) I’m thinking about how I protect my own energy with things that fill my tank rather than deplete it. In some of my “me” time this coming year, I’ll be focusing on some exercise and wellness goals, trying new recipes, and making space for intentional time with friends.

Tim Waxenfelter

My resolution is a good bookend for this post, because it is really inspired by this team. When Brian and I started Endurance Learning, it was a 2-person team and at times just a 1-person team until Brian was ready to make the leap to full time. I had to trust in my own skills and ability to learn everything I needed for us to be successful. I had to trust that Brian would be able to move a project along while on a layover to India. But I didn’t really have to trust in other people that often. That has changed an incredible amount since 2005. We have a wonderful team of people who give their all to making our customers and our company successful. If you haven’t guessed, my one-word resolution for 2022 is trust. The more I can trust in the wonderful people at Endurance Learning and the culture of leaders we’re building, the more I think I can help all of us and all of our offerings grow. I’m really excited about the amazing learning experiences that our team is going to create and all the wonderful customers new and old that we’ll get a chance to learn from!

As always, we would love to hear your one-word resolutions. We are always learning from our readers, customers, partners, friends, contractors and colleagues.

Cheers to 2022!

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