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One Word Resolution (2024 Edition)

In 2013, I came across another blogger’s post about a one-word resolution, and I loved the idea. It’s more of an intention or mantra than a traditional one-word resolution, but when I’ve set these one-word resolutions over the past decade, and then when I’ve come back to reflect on them later in January (or later in the year), I’ve found that these resolutions have helped remind me what I’d like my year to be about.

Without further ado, here is not only my one-word resolution for 2024, but the words and resolutions for my colleagues at Endurance Learning.

Brian Washburn: Thrive

At the beginning of 2023, Endurance Learning concluded our contract with our largest client, and finding ways to replace that work became an exercise in survival. As 2023 comes to an end, with a whole slew of projects in our portfolio from both existing and new clients, I’m very excited about the overall prospects for the organization. Add to that a number of opportunities to work on-site with clients, delivering train-the-trainer programs (a topic which is at the heart of what we do and at the heart of what I love to do), the potential to bring AI into our training design tool (Soapbox), and the launch of the L&D Pro Academy for professionals looking to break into the field, I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt better about our work. Of course, thriving in 2024 goes beyond my professional goals. I got married in 2023, and I’m very much looking forward to a thriving family life – trips to explore this world, concerts, game nights at home, and always rooting on the Buffalo Bills, together – during this new year as well.

Amelia Khan-Ramberan: Sustain

In 2023 (before joining Endurance Learning) I began choosing 3 words to help me stay in faith for the year ahead. This year I chose Pursue, Resilient and Sustain.

Pursue, as I chase my goals and dreams, but I am assured that I will achieve and accomplish them. To be resilient, sometimes, I will fail and fall short. But by God, I will rise up and go again.

But the word I chose for Endurance Learning is sustain.  I am brand new to Endurance Learning, but I have seen the evidence of the work, the new clients… and perhaps the most wonderful thank you to a rejected proposal… “may I take you for coffee.. cause you responded and I appreciate that!”.

We are a great team, we must sustain and maintain our efforts and energies. We must sustain and encourage each other, as we pursue those dreams and goals and remain buoyant and resilient to challenges! Endurance Learning is headed for greatness!!

Erin Clarke: Enjoy

I spent 2023 focusing on prioritization. I worked to figure out which things on my plate were most pressing and needed the most of my attention and energies. For the most part, that was a successful focus for me, and I found that picking the one or two things that I needed to prioritize in the month, day, or even hour was helpful for me to tune out the extra pings and pulls in my life.

Continuing on the momentum from 2023, the word I picked for 2024 is enjoy. I will continue to take time to slow down and be present, all the while enjoying the big and little things that are the priority of the moment. I also feel like I am entering a new stage of parenting where my kiddos are more independent which allows me the freedom to re-discover a little more of me. This year will also be about finding the things that I enjoy and enjoying new adventures with the ones I love.

Hannah Radant: Opportunity

In 2024, my aim is to focus on my mindset and approach each situation as an opportunity. It is easy to move through the day and check through tasks mindlessly (especially for certain development jobs). My goal this year is to think about situations, tasks, or problems as an opportunity for learning and growth. What can I learn from an issue that took me a long time to solve? What knowledge can I capture from a task that may seem cut-and-dried? How can I best communicate what I learned so that I (and others) are better moving forward?

I also think the word opportunity can support connecting with other people. Invitations to engage, participate and connect are an opportunity to be in community with others. I would like to stay mindful of these opportunities both in work and my personal life this year.

Jess Jagielski: Patience

2023 has taught me many things through many trials that I would have never dreamed I would have to face. One of the many things I have clung to is ensuring I have patience in all things. This was not always easy, especially growing up in a generation where instant gratification and retrieval are the norm. How is this the same brain that was completely fine waiting 25 minutes for the dial-up internet to connect? If a browser window took 5 minutes to load, that was SHORT! Over the years, I have noticed that my patience has gotten thinner, and I want to keep working on that. I am hoping that, going into 2024, I can continue to learn to be as patient and graceful as possible with all things, especially myself.

Lauren Wescott: Adventure

My word for 2024 is adventure. As we round out the year, my husband and I realized that we aren’t having as much fun as a family as we should be. Our kids are at such great ages (six and eight) and we want to seize every opportunity to go on adventures and have fun as a family during this sweet time of life that we are in. 

Professionally, I want to take the opportunity to adventure into new opportunities, technologies, and roles. I used to be someone with the spirit of being a life-long learner, but in recent years I feel as if I’ve drifted away from that and become more of a creature of comfort. In 2024, I want to fearlessly adventure into new learning opportunities, and confidently embrace any failures as learning opportunities.  

Lindsay Garcia: Growth

Since transitioning from teaching and starting a new role at Endurance Learning in 2021, at times it’s felt as if I have been treading water while breathing through a straw. A personal situation occurred this year that forced me into quite a few uncomfortable positions affecting my roles as L&D Manager, mother, wife, and individual. As difficult and life-changing as this experience was, it was also humbling and gave me the opportunity to prove to myself the things I am truly capable of. During the last few months of 2023, I was able to stop treading water and board a boat. I tossed the straw and took a deep breath. I was given the opportunity to start fresh and grow in my personal and professional life. Now that I’m floating and more stable, I want to expand my skills and bring more to my role within Endurance Learning. I know there may be some days I fall off the boat, but this year has taught me there is always a life raft, whether it’s family, your team, or yourself, and there is always room for growth

Rachel Niles: Slow Down

I’m conflicted about idioms…they’re so overused and many people who say them have zero idea what they’re talking about… but sometimes their history is beyond fascinating and they’re so seemingly random I’m into it. (Ever thought about or googled “Bats in the Belfry”?? Love it.) At the end of the day, I can’t quit idioms because they do so often say exactly what we want to say in only a few words. In my case, as I finish this year and ponder the next, I can’t help but think, “you can’t see the wood for the trees”.

I am the Quality Assurance Manager and follow so many “rules.”. And they’re rules I, myself, have made half the time, for no real reason other than to have a standard or rule to follow to keep our work consistent or of high quality. I do think we need standards and we need guidelines, but I’ve come to realize sometimes we don’t look at the bigger picture. Rules and standards can change. What we focus on can change. We don’t need to be our own enemy. We can take a breath, listen, and really think about what we are doing, our objectives, our energy, and our impact. When we blindly follow rules we aren’t doing our best work. We can follow rules and standards and keep our minds open to the need for flexibility and innovation. This year, my one-word resolution is breaking the rules… it is “Slow Down”.. And of course I could think of a way to say that in one word. But I don’t want to. I want to make a point that we need to really focus on what we’re doing, knowing what matters, and being open to whatever needs to change to move forward. When we slow down, we have the chance to do this. 

Tim Waxenfelter: Nurture

Last year I ended up with the word “Plant”. While it started as a joke, the reality was that we really did spend the year planting the seeds of our business. We had a full year with new people and added an Finance Specialist to help us as we grow (see Amelia above). We launched new products (L&D Pro Academy), made significant updates to Soapbox, and grew the number of customers that we work with to design custom training solutions. 

In 2024 I’ll continue to plant new seeds for success, but there is so much opportunity in 2024 to nurture my incredible colleagues, amazing customer relationships, and the numerous opportunities that lie ahead.

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