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Last-minute Valentines for that Special Trainer in your Life

Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day card that says both "You're special to me" and "I'm a super nerdy trainer"? Look no further!

Even though there are only three shopping days left until Valentine’s Day, don’t panic if you haven’t found the perfect card for that special trainer in your life. Endurance Learning is here to help, and we’ve come up with four new Valentine’s Day cards. (Yes, last year we shared five Valentine’s cards… but it’s really about quality, not quantity, isn’t it?)

Perhaps you have a training colleague who is likely to get your training humor, or perhaps you want to share a little of your own training nerdiness with the rest of your organization. These four cards are meant to bring a little levity to your Monday and to put a smile on your colleagues’ faces.

If you decide to print these out (download full-color PDFs of 2018’s valentines and 2019’s valentines) and share the love with your colleagues around the office, take a photo and send me a note ( I’ll send a Starbucks gift card to the first 10 people who share a photo of how you plan to use these Valentine’s Cards!

Here are four of the cards we shared last year:





Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!!

Ever have a training project that just lingers because you have a gazillion other things on your plate and you just can’t get to it? Or perhaps you have an urgent training project that just got put at the top of your priority list and you aren’t sure how you’ll get it done because you don’t have the bandwidth? Let’s talk!

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