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Seduce Your Learners

In her TED Talk, Chen Lizra preaches the value of integrating the art of seduction into everyday life. Using my one-track mind, naturally my immediate thought went to how I can start seducing my learners to fall head over heels in love with my next presentation.

I was captivated by Ms. Lizra’s presentation, finding parallels between the seductive and flirtatious behavior she’s observed between men and women in Cuba and the way the principles of seduction can make for a highly engaging presentation. Following are five things she said that resonated with me as I look to design several upcoming webinars (I especially liked the fifth bullet point below):

  • I truly believe that everyone has the power to seduce in them, we just need to unleash it.
  • Seduction is about charm, connection, vulnerability, pride, self-confidence and appeal.
  • Keeping the “maybe” alive is the skill of presenting potential possibilities, and then fueling them with desire. It’s about learning where the emotional buttons are, and then triggering them.
  • You’ve got to get what the other person is missing, and then give it to them.
  • You have to connect and interact with the other person. If not, then how would you get to their heart?

If you have 12 minutes, her full TED Talk is below. I’d love to hear if you think the idea of “seducing your audience” resonates with you.

Know someone who might want to seduce their audience the next time they present? Pass this along. If you like this post, I invite you to follow this blog.

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