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Solving Training Challenges: Technical Videos

Technical training, especially self-guided elearning, can struggle to maintain a learners engagement. In today's post we offer a case study to show how we used creativity to foster learner engagement throughout a series of technical videos.

As budgeting season is upon many of us, this is the time that you might be thinking about how to bring in some help for your next training project. If you’re looking for some help with in-person, virtual or elearning projects, drop us a line so we can grab virtual coffee and see how we might be able to work together!

Training content can be delivered in various formats. Recently, we worked with an automotive company who needed us to film an expert explaining a product and then build those videos into an Elearning course. Following is a brief case study of that experience; some of the visual examples have been modified to maintain the integrity of our agreement with our customer to not share their proprietary information.

The Challenge

Delivering technical videos in an engaging way for learners—that lends itself to creative interactions and meets the objectives of the course—can be difficult. Our team brainstormed multiple ways to display this content to catch the attention of the learner, and keep it.

The Approach

To deliver these videos in an engaging way, we chose a movie theater-style format. Our idea was to deliver the videos, while pausing in between to engage the learner in knowledge checks using a question-answer format with a movie trivia theme. It was a fun and creative approach that met our needs. But at Endurance Learning, we don’t like to simply meet the needs—we like to exceed expectations. 

As we worked on the visual design, the movie theater seemed imperfect. We toyed around with various formats, and eventually landed on a drive-in theater—we were working with an automotive customer after all.

Drive-in movie theater for technical videos

The Results

It’s the little things that bring training like this from good to great. The learner’s perspective in this course is from inside of a vehicle at a drive-in theater under the stars. To make this feel more immersive, we’ve incorporated a dimming animation before each video begins. This is followed by a brightening animation as the video ends and moves into each trivia question.

question in movie trivia style

A custom rating screen was created which replicates what viewers see when they view a movie in person, along with a scrolling introduction screen that enhances the experience as if watching a movie that takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

drive in theater

Once we nailed down visual design, the course came together quickly to meet our aggressive timeline. We were able to reuse the format several times to deliver the content and foster engagement.

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