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What is your Storytelling Style?

L&D professionals need a lot of tools in our toolbox to keep our participants engaged. One fun tool is the online quiz. Online quizzes can be added to your slide deck during a live or virtual training or in an eLearning module.

This week, I tested out Outgrow as a quiz making tool. Outgrow is an easy to use quiz and poll building tool that has a lot of fun customization options. The learning curve is fairly easy, my only struggle with this tool was learning which types of questions can be mapped to an outcome. I would suggest testing any quiz tool prior to writing your questions as it may change the format.

As I am finishing up my presentation for Learning Solutions, I am focused on storytelling in training. In this quiz, you will learn your storytelling style.

What is your Storytelling Style?

To learn how you can leverage your storytelling style to tell a training story, take a look at my post about telling your story with Adobe Spark.

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