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A tool to help design strategic planning workshops

What if you could design an interactive strategic planning session in under 10 minutes?
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In about a month, my team will be launching a tool we’ve developed to help create better presentations, faster. Our original concept was to dramatically reduce the amount of instructional design time spent on developing training sessions.

I’m currently working with several clients on facilitating strategic planning sessions, which got me to wondering: would our tool be useful in helping to design elements of strategic planning sessions?

After three or four minutes of playing with the tool, here is the lesson plan it generated for me:

The Way Forward 1

This wasn’t bad for 4 minutes’ worth of work. As I thought through the actual session I’ll be delivering, I hadn’t even thought of beginning with a guided visualization.

After a few more minutes of thinking through what would make the most effective design for the session, I used the tool to make some adjustments and this is what I settled on:

The Way Forward 2

When it came to our first intended outcome (Identify a barrier to future growth), I didn’t think we would need a case study to examine the issue at hand, so I swapped that out for lecture, and I thought a Force Field Analysis in which we identify potential restraining forces that will stop us from achieving the results we’d like to achieve in 2020 was a better use of our time than visual problem solving.

When it came to our second intended outcome (Prioritize growth opportunities), I simply swapped out the How I See It activity (which is often one of my favorites, but wasn’t the right fit here) for a simple Top 5 List.

In fewer than 10 minutes, I had a lesson plan idea that was viable. After I went into the tool to enter some specific thoughts and content, I generated this full, detailed lesson plan. Below is a sample of just one of the activities that was generated. The tool also generated a series of slides that could be used as well as a handout template for one of the activities.

The Way Forward 3

Over these next several weeks, leading up to launch, I plan to play around with the tool more to show you the range of presentations it can generate with very little effort. If you have a training session or presentation coming up and you’d like to see what I could generate using your topic, drop me a line at If you’re interested in a free trial of the tool once it’s launched, sign up here!

Let’s Connect!

I’m going to be in the following places in the next several weeks. If you happen to be near these places, drop me a line and I’d love to grab coffee and nerd out over all things learning and development!

  • Greenville, SC: October 29-31
  • Miami, FL (at ATD’s Core 4 Conference): November 5-6
  • Xi’an, China: December 6-11

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