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20 Questions (Training Edition)

We all have our things. Do you think it's ever ok to use the word "understand" in a learning objective? This and 19 more questions in today's post.
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As I scroll through LinkedIn, I see lots of strong opinions about lots of different topics, especially when it comes to the language we use, the practices in which we engage and tools people prefer. I’m curious about where Train Like A Champion readers stand on some of these topics. Below is a series of “This or That”-style poll questions. If you have a few minutes, I’d love to see where you stand.

(Yes, I know that the binary format of these this-or-that-style questions doesn’t always offer a perfect set of choices, but simply choose the option that’s closest to how you feel!)

[yop_poll id=”1″]

[yop_poll id=”2″]

[yop_poll id=”3″]

[yop_poll id=”4″]

[yop_poll id=”5″]

[yop_poll id=”6″]

[yop_poll id=”7″]

[yop_poll id=”8″]

[yop_poll id=”9″]

[yop_poll id=”10″]

[yop_poll id=”11″]

[yop_poll id=”12″]

[yop_poll id=”13″]

[yop_poll id=”14″]

[yop_poll id=”15″]

[yop_poll id=”16″]

[yop_poll id=”17″]

[yop_poll id=”18″]

[yop_poll id=”19″]

[yop_poll id=”20″]

Did any of these questions (or their accompanying choices) give you a reaction? I’d love to hear why (in the comment section below).

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