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Adobe Connect Trainer’s Guide

If Adobe Connect is your organization's platform of choice, (or perhaps you've been considering it for yourself) you're in luck. The Trainer's Guide to Adobe Connect is ready to help!
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We’ve arrived in 2021 and I think it’s safe to say that virtual training is here to stay. Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to become comfortable with one or two virtual training platforms over this past year.

If Adobe Connect is your organization’s platform of choice, (or perhaps you’ve been considering it for yourself) you’re in luck. The Trainer’s Guide to Adobe Connect has arrived!

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Step-by-step directions for how to set up and run breakout rooms in Adobe Connect.

The thing that sets Adobe Connect apart from the other training platforms in the field are the impressive breakout room capabilities. A poll of TLAC readers showed that breakout rooms tend to be the scariest virtual training tool for trainers and participants alike. While participants fear being “sucked out” never to return again, trainers fear losing people in a deep unknown void. Once you have mastered the functionality of breakout room capabilities, you will see how it can exponentially benefit your virtual training programs (and that fear factor will fade away). Breakout rooms are unmatched in their ability to allow participants to collaborate and participate in discussion. If you’re not incorporating them in your sessions, it’s time to start!

Breakout room features that make Adobe Connect a standout platform include:

  1. File Share During Breakout Rooms. Share files and handouts with participants within a breakout room. Bonus: each breakout room can have unique files!
  2. Create Stations. Rotate groups through different breakout rooms (as you would have participants rotate through stations in a training room) with the click of a button. Each breakout room can have its own PowerPoint and handouts for download.
  3. Easy Group Presentations. Take advantage of the ability to share content created in a breakout room, such as a whiteboard, with participants in the main room. If you use breakout rooms as a collaboration tool for groups to create something that they will be presenting to the large group, you’re going to love this feature!
  4. Expansive Tool Options for Participants Within the Breakout Room. Participants in a breakout room have access to a group chat, screen share capabilities, whiteboard, and file sharing. Additionally, a host can drop into a breakout room and poll that specific group using the polling feature!
  5. Use for Large Groups. Adobe Connect offers Capacity for up to 200 participants to participate in 20 breakout rooms.

If 2021 is looking like a breakout room year for you, click here to download the Trainer’s Guide to Adobe Connect to help you navigate the platform like a pro.

If you’re looking to expand your skills with a different training platform, check out one of our other Trainer’s Guides.

Do you know what else is great? Soapbox is completely compatible with Adobe Connect! Sign up for a 14-day free trial and give it a try.

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