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Training Tip: Keeping Handouts Organized

Multi Colored Handouts

Handouts are a great way to help learners follow along with the content you’re presenting and they can serve as a physical reminder for the learner to use your content when they return to their offices.

If you’re distributing multiple handouts, it can be helpful to copy each handout onto a different colored piece of paper.  This allows you to call your learners’ attention to the “pink sheet” or the “green sheet”. When all of your handouts are printed on white paper, you’re left having to describe the handout that you want people to pay attention to (“please turn to the fourth page in your packet” or “please turn to the page that looks like this”).  Even with page numbers, it can take valuable session time for learners to find the correct page.

Different colored handouts allow your learners to identify the correct page with one quick glance.

The Train Like A Champion blog is published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  These brief “Training Tip” posts are a series of quick reference tips that are published while your beloved Train Like A Champion blogger is currently enjoying a little vacation.  The more in-depth posts will resume again in August.

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