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Try Training Ipsum for Your Next Project

Tired of the Latin-based gibberish that you typically get from Lorem Ipsum generators? Why not give Training Ipsum a try?

Sometimes you just want your stakeholders to review your visual design. That’s all you want. Just comments on the visual design.

Many stakeholders can’t help themselves. Even if you share that the text in your elearning or on the web page or in your document isn’t complete, it’s just placeholder text, and all you need at this point is an opinion on the visual design – the colors, the imagery – something in the content will inevitably catch their eye and you’ll get feedback on the content.

To mitigate this challenge, designers have been using fake text that looks almost like gibberish, so that everyone can see what a web page or elearning module or newsletter can look like with text included, but the attention can remain on the visual design. Lorem Ipsum was the first version of this gibberish-looking text that I ever saw when a website designer was showing our team a re-designed website back in the mid-2000s.

Since then, there have been a whole slew of other “ipsum” generators that have emerged. Some of the more fun ipsum generators include Pirate Ipsum, Cupcake Ipsum and Office Ipsum.

Well, for those of you looking to fill up space on your next project with training-related buzzwords and gibberish text, Endurance Learning proudly presents: Trainer Ipsum!

Just let the site know how much sample text you need, and presto!

Training Ipsum

Simply copy the text and paste it into your project!

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