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Twitter as a Learning Tool

I’m still not sold on Twitter.  There’s been lots of buzz about Twitter as a learning tool for years, but I didn’t bite.  Sure, I signed up for an account and I’ll tweet from time to time and I follow some folks – Buffalo Bills running back CJ Spiller (go Bills!), some conference speakers I was impressed with, some of my favorite bloggers who focus on training and development – but it’s never been a key piece to my own professional development strategy, let alone a tool I’ve ever used in my own training design.

This week, as I was in the midst of leading a training event, the following tweet caught my eye:


It was timely since I was desperately seeking some inspiration on what I should say in order to wrap up the 2.5 day series of workshops.  Perhaps it’s time to give Twitter a second look when it comes to a tool for my own professional development as well as a tool that can be used in my training efforts.

I still wonder: with sooooooooo many tweets cluttering up my Twitter feed, how can I cut through all the noise and find more 140-character pieces of wisdom like the timely tweet I found last week?  And perhaps more importantly, how can I cut through all the noise and reach my learners beyond the training room via Twitter?

Have you found Twitter useful?  How so?

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