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Using Podcasts to Improve Your Skills Anywhere You Go

Podcasts can be a great way to boost your knowledge and skillset while you're out in the field or simply stuck in traffic.

Listening to a podcast

A few weeks ago, Kristen Anthony interviewed me for her new podcast series titled Dear Instructional Designer. After what may have taken her weeks to edit out all of my “Uhs” and “Uhms” and nonsensical comments, our conversation debuted today on her site.

If you have 10-15 minutes, I encourage you to check out her podcast series. Her “Launch Week” was focused on content for job seeking instructional designers, specifically how to get started in putting together a portfolio of work. The truth is that portfolio development can also be used by training departments or consultants who want to put together work samples in order to show clients – internal or external – what’s possible when it comes to being able to engage their learners and drive business results.

If you only have 3 or 4 minutes, I still encourage you to check out her podcasting site. In additional to the podcast recordings, Kristen also offers a host of links to other resources on instructional design topics.

If you’re looking for other podcasts to improve your learning and development skillset while you’re on the go, here are a few other places to look:

  1. The CIPD Podcast: Published on the first Tuesday of each month, this podcast covers HR topics that range from the use of wearable technologies to aligning L&D with business objectives.
  2. Mastering Business Analysis Podcast: While this podcast focuses on business analysis (which L&D professionals would benefit from being familiar with, but it’s not a pure L&D podcast), there are several episodes you might want to listen to. Highlights include the interview with Leslie Stein on Facilitation Skills and the interview with Melissa Marshall on how to better present technical information in a way the audience will understand.
  3. Trainer Tools Podcast: John Tomlinson hosts this podcast and publishes a new episode on a monthly basis. The common thread across all episodes is the fact that each episode offers perspectives from various practitioners, covering a wide range of topics from using social networks to reinforce learning to training evaluation to the role of storytelling in training.

Are you listening to any good podcasts to help hone your craft? Let’s hear about them in the Comment section.


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