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Virtual learning through text, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger

When it comes to converting your courses to online delivery, have you considered delivering via text, WhatsApp or Messenger?
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There has been a TON of stuff written lately about moving learning to a virtual environment, but what happens if you live in a place where reliable internet is not available? In a guest post, Mike Culligan (co-founder of Pyramid Learning) shares a little about setting up virtual instruction by way of text, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

If you are anything like us, you have spent a lot of time following the latest news on COVID-19.  But what if you didn’t have access to the web? Or a computer at home? Or a newspaper?

Almost 4 billion people lack access to the internet, most (but not all) living in developing countries.  They, like us, are vulnerable to COVID-19, but lack access to information about the disease.  What is it? How is it spread?  How do I protect myself against the virus?  How do I protect others in my community?

John Cropper and I have worked with learners in the developing world for over thirty years.  Our team at Pyramid Learning has worked with Arist to develop a Coronavirus course that is delivered through text messaging, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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While internet connectivity lags in developing nations, penetration rates for mobile subscriptions exceed 98 percent.  Even in the least-developed nations, the International Telecommunications Union estimates penetration is at 70.4 percent and rising.

We feel that the need for widespread, accurate learning is needed now more than ever, and we expect this course will be the first in a series of text-based courses.  Moving to text-based learning is one way we hope to break through to the people who need it most.

Even if Coronavirus isn’t the subject matter that you’re moving to virtual delivery, this course can serve as a model for a different (and potentially more effective) way to deliver the content that you and your organization need to distribute to audiences far and wide. You can learn more about the course (and sign up to participate in the course via text message) by visiting 

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