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What are the Barriers to a Killer Presentation?

Last weekend, I spent two days in meeting rooms in New Delhi. On Sunday afternoon, when all was said and done, I began to crunch the numbers on the post-session evaluation forms.

Yes, I know that such Level 1 “smile sheets” are greeted with a range of emotions – from polite dismissal to outright disdain – among many training professionals (myself included). They don’t, after all, provide much insight into the long term impact of a training program. They do, however, offer some insights as to the effectiveness of the delivery of the content.

In addition to the standard “This session offered new insights, information and/or ideas” question in which participants rank the speakers on a scale of 1-5, we added a second set of questions to assess net promoter scores (basically a question for each session that asked: “would you put your reputation on the line and recommend this session to your colleagues in the industry?”).

We’re still trying to sift through the data and make sense of it all, but one thing is for certain: the scores for our sessions this year were all over the place. This led me to ask a question: what is preventing our speakers from delivering killer presentations every time they get in front of the room? It’s something we’ll be looking in to over the coming weeks.

While we look into this question, I’m curious about your thoughts. Take a minute to respond to the following poll question about what you feel prevents you (or others you work with) from delivering a killer presentation.

[polldaddy poll=8699199]


Over the next week or two, I’ll be looking through the results of this poll as well as some of the data gleaned from this past weekend’s meeting in Delhi to begin addressing some of these barriers to that elusive amazing presentation. Stay tuned for a rockin’ upcoing blog post that can help promote the next generation of killer presentations!

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