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When to Choose Microlearning

when to choose microlearning

Articulate released a new microlearning option for Rise360 recently. If you haven’t had a chance to play with it, it is sort of a light version of a Rise module without a menu. This new format lends itself really well to bite-sized learning modules with focused content.

It is important to use the right solution for learning needs. While this new Rise360 feature is really fun to play with, microlearning  isn’t a one size fits all approach to training. In fact, there are a lot of training outcomes that do not lend themselves to small, focused, and targeted learning experiences. The allure of microlearning for a lot of project teams is that it is easily accessible to the busy professional. Professional development that happens in-between meetings, or when a learner needs a brain break, is appealing. However, not all training initiatives should be designed with microlearning.  

To help you decide if microlearning is the right approach for your training, we created a decision tree. The Microlearning Decision Tree aims to cover the most common scenarios to aid in quickly deciding if microlearning can or should be built into a training program. Feel free to download this microlearning decision tree or share it with your team.

microlearning decision tree

If you are interested in learning more, check out this upcoming webinar on Microlearning from Articulate on March 14th.

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