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Would You Rather…: Read tons of magazines? Or follow this guy?


“Would you rather…?” is one of my favorite training icebreakers. If you’ve never played, here are 10 would you rather questions to help you get started (and 6 more would you rather questions once you’ve tried those).

Here’s a question: would you rather spend hours sifting through training magazines searching for one or two articles that may be useful… or would you like to simply follow one person via Twitter (or LinkedIn or WordPress or even Pinterest) in order to get a fire hose of useful, immediately applicable articles, research and tips? 

I will still peruse TD or Training magazine during my lunch break, but I’m finding the highest concentration of useful information these days is coming from Mike Taylor.

Want to know why bullet points actually hurt learning (according to scientific studies)? Mike posted this article.

Want to know how to publish your Articulate Storyline project to Google Drive in order to share it with others? Mike created this little tutorial.

I could go on, but that misses the point. Want actionable tips that make your training design better? You don’t have to be like Mike. You just need to follow him.

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