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Unleash the power of your training program!

Gaining an understanding of the broad range of tools available to you as a trainer or training designer can change the game and alter your perspective on your role in your organization.

My boss said my training should be more engaging. Help!

Many people land in roles where they are required to design or deliver training, but have never had much support to do it well. You may have been handed a slide deck and sent out to do sessions. You got good feedback because you’re an expert on your content. Now, the expectations have increased! 

When you start as an expert, the transition to trainer can be unnerving because everyone wants you to be an expert in training. But where to start?

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What do others in the field have to say?

Creating effective training programs is an intricate blend of science and art. Balancing adult learning theory, available technology, proven practices, intuitive tools, creativity, and risk is crucial.

This book is your guide to building a more comprehensive training program and taking advantage of the many tools that are available to you.

This book will not only ignite your imagination but will also provides a practical hands-on glossary, defining and describing the elements in detail. Whether you’re seeking fresh ideas or looking for a comprehensive framework to organize your training programs, What’s Your Formula will help you unleash the power of learning and become a catalyst for transformative experiences.

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Brian Washburn, Author

Brian Washburn
CEO & Chief Ideas Guy

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Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn
CEO & Chief Ideas Guy

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