Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn

CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Ideas Guy

Brian is the author of What’s Your Formula?: Combine Learning Elements for Impactful Training, was named one of Training magazine’s 2011 Top Young Trainers, and has been published multiple times in TD magazine. His goal in life is to eradicate the scourge of poor learning experiences in the world by ensuring that every presentation is engaging and leads to change.


What's Your Formula by Brian Washburn

What's Your Formula? Combine Learning Elements for Impactful Training

Engaging, effective training programs are a mixture of science and art, requiring the right balance of adult learning theory, available technology, intuitive tools, proven practices, creativity, and risk. How does a trainer find the right combination and proportion of these elements? How does a trainer know what’s possible?

PowerPoint Your Co-Facilitator

PowerPoint: Your Co-Facilitator

Whether you’re a seasoned training professional or an occasional presenter, you can make your presentation a true learning tool by implementing these effective strategies. In “PowerPoint: Your Co-Facilitator,” Brian Washburn shows you how to create great presentations using any presentation software.

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What is "accessibility" in learning design, and why is it important?

What is “accessibility” in learning design, and why is it important?

What is “accessibility” in learning? Why is it important to design learning for everyone? What are one or two things you might want to be doing differently with your design, today? David Berman has worked in the field a long time, and has some answers.

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XAPI Group Banner 1

Using xAPI to Collect Data on Learning Programs

xAPI can be used to collect data in any digital learning experience – from elearning to videos. Today’s podcast offers the perspective of both a learning design team AND an end-user of xAPI, all of whom share their thoughts on when to (and perhaps when not to) use xAPI to collect better data in learning experiences.

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training as a social mission

Training and Professional Development is a Social Mission

It really doesn’t matter if you’re working for a small nonprofit or the world’s largest, most profitable corporation. Our role in learning and development is a social mission because we can truly change lives if we’re doing our jobs correctly.

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updating training materials

Updating Training Materials That Seem Good Enough

Sometimes we’re asked to review and improve a training program that seems perfectly fine as it is. Taking a look at the fundamentals on which the program is built may offer some clues about possible ways to improve something that, on the surface, didn’t look like it needed to be touched.

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Blooms Taxonomy

Matching Training Media and Delivery Format to Organizational Need

If someone just needs to be aware of something, should you make them attend a training? If someone needs to build skills, is there any other way than a training to do that? In today’s podcast, I talk about how to match the learning need with the learning design.

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Blooms Aside banner 1
Adult Learning Theory

Setting Bloom’s Taxonomy Aside

Bloom’s Taxonomy has been used for decades to help instructional designers think through and develop learning objectives. In today’s podcast I offer some thoughts on how instructional designers might want to think through the intent behind their training first.

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