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Customer Success

Endurance Learning’s customer’s see the results of intentional, thoughtful and engaging training design.

What Happens When You Work With Endurance Learning?

Build Confident Product Experts

A large manufacturing company had long launched new products with e-learning developed by the marketing department and was ready to change the focus from marketing features to training on benefits. The company has a large distributed sales force whose main way to learn about new products and how to sell them is through e-learning courses. The courses had long been designed by a marketing vendor and were attractive and highly produced. The marketing team was not, however, focused on the needs of the learners and the outcomes needed from training. While the marketing strategy was critical to the product launches, it was not appropriate for salespeople in the field.

Download Refocusing Sales Training on Outcomes to learn more about how Endurance Learning helped shift the focus to outcomes.

Improve Sales Skills

A Fortune 500 company approached Endurance Learning to develop a training program to encourage sales representatives, many of whom who had sold a consumable product for decades, to embrace and sell a new service. Traditionally, they sales reps had focused on selling a product that everyone needed. Now, they were asked to sell a service that went well beyond their core business and would require the sales force to engage in a consultative selling process. For some sales representatives, talking about this new service went beyond their knowledge base, experience, and—thus— their comfort zone. Other sales representatives were resistant to adding new services which could dilute their focus, disrupt the status quo relationship they had with their customers, and perhaps even upset some customers and therefore lose sales.

Download Improving Sales with a Skeptical Audience to learn more about how Endurance Learning helped the organization overcome the doubts of their salesforce and create the building blocks for confident salespeople.

Perfect Your Virtual Training

An International NGO offered a very popular, week-long training course on presentation skills for staff located in the US and around the world. Course organizers heard from participants that they tried to apply their skills once they returned to their offices, but they rarely received feedback on whether their presentations had improved. Such follow-up on behalf of the NGO would be resource-heavy, requiring that either facilitators travel on-site or that participants return to a central location in order to have their presentations observed and to receive feedback. In a sector where resources are already limited, neither of these options were feasible.

Download Perfecting Presentations at a Distance to learn more about how Endurance Learning helped the organization support presenters at a distance.