Making it easy for organizations build elearning that leads to measurable change

Endurance Learning brings a team of expert instructional designers, elearning developers, and quality assurance professionals who make the process of creating elearning easy on you and your team.

elearning development by skilled elearning developers

You need an elearning development team that does this work every day and is dedicated to your project.

You know you need to roll out training to a large group of people and know that elearning is probably the best answer. But, you’re stuck on questions about the right technology approach, the right team, and how much it will all cost? 

Let’s face it, you need an elearning design and development team that does this work every day and will make it possible for you to launch an elearning course without being the expert on instructional design, visual design, elearning development, learning management systems, etc.

Let Endurance Learning lower your stress!

Your Endurance Learning project team is ready to make it easy for you to answer these questions and anticipate all the big and little things that you and your team won’t likely predict. You get the benefit of working with a team that is constantly learning and improving to make it easier for you to move from identifying a problem, to rolling out a new training program that includes elearning.

Step 1

Contact us or schedule a call. We don’t need much to get started.

Step 2

The Endurance Learning team works through your content and creates outlines, scripts, and working modules while you give feedback and provide guidance. Expert elearning developers build the course you need.

Step 3

You enjoy the success of a successful elearning program that exceeds expectations and gets reactions like “Wow, that was so much better than  what I expected!”


Endurance Learning's Latest Elearning Insights

Everything about elearning development is constantly changing, including new tools, techniques and ideas. The instructional designers and elearning developers at Endurance Learning is constantly learning and sharing what they know so that others benefit from what we learn.

elearning developer qa checklist
Quality Assurance

Elearning QA Checklist

Elearning developers should provide the first, and maybe the most thorough, quality assurance (QA) of an elearning module. Our team uses an elearning QA checklist ...
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better learner certificates
Articulate Storyline

Better Learner Certificates in Articulate Storyline

Learner certificates often appear at the end of a course to verify and recognize the achievement of a learner. Articulate Storyline has made it very ...
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engaging training about policies

Solving Training Challenges: How Do I Make an Engaging Training About Company Policies?

Nothing sucks the life out of an instructional designer quite like creating compliance training. In today’s blog, we share a few tools that we recently ...
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