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What do you get when you combine microlearning + AI?

AI is all the rage these days. 7Taps has figured out a way to embed AI into their microlearning platform to make your experience even quicker. It looks like this is the future of AI in learning tools. 7Taps co-founder Kate Udalova shares her insights.

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when to choose microlearning

When to Choose Microlearning

Articulate released a new microlearning option for Rise360 recently. If you haven’t had a chance to play with it, it is sort of a light …

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using animation in elearning
Articulate Storyline

Using Animation in Elearning

As an elearning developer at Endurance Learning, I am often hopping in and out of project files to update them, make edits, or add something …

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reflection activities in elearning
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Collect and Reflect on Learner Responses in Elearning

My colleague, Lauren Wescott, recently highlighted one of our projects that focused on collecting learner responses in order to create a meaningful reflection activities in …

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overwhelming elearning
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Creating Learning Pathways in Elearning

Have you ever taken an elearning course and thought: Hmmmm, this may be helpful for some of my colleagues, but this really isn’t covering stuff …

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decision-making practice elearning

Solving Training Challenges: Decision-Making Practice in Elearning

When creating content for an eLearning module in Rise, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out how to train on concepts like decision-making practice …

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