Facing limits on Rise character counts
Rapid Development

Solving Training Challenges: Rise Character Limit

If you are an instructional designer who writes for Articulate Rise 360, chances are that you have scripted an interaction, only to find that your …

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Blooms Taxonomy

Matching Training Media and Delivery Format to Organizational Need

If someone just needs to be aware of something, should you make them attend a training? If someone needs to build skills, is there any other way than a training to do that? In today’s podcast, I talk about how to match the learning need with the learning design.

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Storyline blocks to rescue

Storyline Blocks to the Rescue!

Making Rise Modules More Interactive Through Storyline Blocks Articulate Rise 360 is a fantastic authoring tool for creating eLearning quickly. It’s cloud based, easy to …

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Solving Training Challenges: Technical Videos

Technical training, especially self-guided elearning, can struggle to maintain a learners engagement. In today’s post we offer a case study to show how we used creativity to foster learner engagement throughout a series of technical videos.

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5 Lessons Learned About Elearning Quality Assurance

When developing elearning as part of a team or as a team of one, it is critical to think about how you’re going to test it. If you are developing or thinking about developing elearning, I hope you’ll be able to pick up a few lessons from our experiences at Endurance Learning.

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two phones side by side with wordle and WordEL onscreen

How to Create a Wordle in Storyline

Last week I discussed the challenge of developing an interaction in Storyline inspired by Wordle for one of our clients and the issues that we …

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