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A Tale of Two Periodic Tables for Learning Professionals

A periodic table can help organize elements in various categories, and can offer some ideas about how to combine those elements to create bigger, more useful things. Did you know there’s not one, but two periodic tables that learning professionals can use to help design training programs?

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A Tool to Help You See Online Training Through Your Learner’s Eyes

My colleague, Lindsay Garcia, supports many of our customers with custom elearning development. She shared with me that our team had some realizations about a better way to test elearning to make sure that the experience is consistently effective. Take a look at her thoughts on this and let us know if you have any insights based on your experiences.

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Visual Design

One Website, 51 Different Learning Elements

My colleagues recently developed a website with an interactive periodic table of 51 elements that is completely free for you to use in your next learning project.

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Top 100 Tools for Learning

Top 10 Tools for an L&D Manager – Elearning Edition

I hope you saw Tim and Heather’s top 10 tools. If you did, you’ll notice that there are some tools that overlap and some that don’t.

In today’s post, you’ll see that Lindsay Garcia has a different perspective and lists some tools that nobody else on our team uses.

When you build elearning, what are your favorite tools?

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data collection

What is xAPI and should you be using it to collect data?

Are you getting all the data you need to determine the effectiveness of your learning programs? On this week’s podcast, Megan Torrance shares some insights on how xAPI can help you collect the right data.

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L&D-style Out Of Office Messages

Learning can happen at any moment. Why not share a little learning in your Out Of Office automated messages when you take some vacation time this summer?

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