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Endurance Learning Launches New Resource for Learning & Development

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How do trainers know what’s possible?

To answer this question, Brian Washburn offers a simple, yet elegant, periodic table of learning elements modeled on the original periodic table of chemical properties. Washburn’s elements, which are organized into solids, liquids, gases, radioactive, and interactive categories similar to their chemical cousins, are metaphors for the tools and strategies of the field of learning design; when they’re combined, and under certain conditions, they have the potential to create amazing learning experiences for participants. They are that impactful.

“When Brian came to me with his first draft of the book, I almost immediately thought about how valuable this information could be in a free resource on the web,” said Tim Waxenfelter, COO and co-founder of Endurance Learning. “Our hope is that the elements and formula analogies help trainers to more easily visualize strategies which they can apply immediately to their learning programs.”

From critical gas-like elements like the air we breathe, present in every training room (think instructional design or visual design), to radioactive elements, powerful and dangerous yet commonly used (think PowerPoint), the new site ( lets every learning and development professional explore the elements and how they interact. Whether you’re an experienced learning designer or new to the field, this website, and the book that inspired it, was created to help you find inspiration for your next training program.

“I’m incredibly proud of the book and believe that readers will and should want more from it once they finish.  If we’re trying to innovate and create a more powerful learning experience, experimenting is going to be part of that process. was built to support professionals as they try new approaches to learning.” said Brian Washburn, CEO and co-founder of Endurance Learning.

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